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Friday, 19 July 2013

$2 blaster review (Top Shots - Kool Zuums)

Well, um, what can I say about a generic brand dart blaster costing the princely sum of $2?

Unless you go shopping in K-Mart (Australia) you wouldn't have heard of Top Shots. If you go shopping in K-Mart Australia you wouldn't have heard of Top Shots. If you work in K-mart Australia in any department excluding toys, you wouldn't have heard of Top Shots. It's a K-Mart owned brand and I found mine in the Nerf aisle... ambitious aren't they?

It comes with "soft bullets" with a hard plastic head. If fired out of a Nerf blaster they would sting! The prime on the blaster is easy but there is noticeable friction on the stalk. There is no air-restricter in the blaster, but I get the feeling that if there was the darts would exit the barrel and fall straight down to the floor. This blaster will get (depending on the dart used) about 30 feet, not great compared to a Nerf blaster but for $2 it's ok I suppose.

The plastic is very cheap, it's noticeably lower quality than other branded blasters around and the stand for the included cardboard target had pieces of "brown" in it... I don't ever want to know what the "brown" was. The best thing about this blaster is that is looks like an Alien Ray gun from a 1950s sci-fi movie.

I would't recommend this blaster though. Only if you're using it to fill loot bags for a kid's birthday party or you need a present for a kid you hate would you consider buying one

1. looks like an alien ray gun from the 50s
2. um... can't think of a second

1. it exists

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