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Monday, 22 July 2013

$5 Nerf Element ripoff (Crossfire Gun)

IF you do something well, there will always be those that copy you. Nerf experiences this often and are not too pleased about it (ask Buzz Bee). But, if you're a small company, one that goes un-noticed, flies under the radar or is not perceived as a threat. You might get away with this...

So it's no surprise then that there are cheap versions of Nerf, after all Nerf is the market leader for foam dart blasters, water guns and disc launchers. It's normal for the internals to be copied but the shell gets a facelift, or facedrop.

But this a blatant copy of a Nerf Element...

So what's the blaster like, as a blaster. Well, the plastic is ok, not the same quality that you'd get from Hasbro, but not the super cheap stuff that was in the Kool Zuums. It feels solid. Priming the blaster is actually nice, it's like a Nite Finder in that respect. While the shell is made of lower quality (but not horrible) plastic, the internals are made of good quality stuff. Firing it's own darts the blaster perform quite well, but it does do better with Nerf branded darts, Elites especially.

The major difference with the Crossfire Gun and an Element EX-6 is the dart storage. While the Element had space for 6 darts (one in the barrel and five holders), this blaster has space for only 5 (one in the barrel and 4 holders). Other than that, there is no difference from the Element.

This blaster cost only AUD5, and it's effectively a Nerf blaster. It's a bit strange that Buzz Bee was cleaned out by Hasbro but pirateers, like the company that made this blaster, are small enough to go under the radar, but, the reason Buzz Bee copped it was probably because they are Nerf's closest competitor.

1. it's basically a Nerf blaster
2. good range
3. light
4. hold 4 darts in the front

1. blatant Nerf ripoff
2. one less dart storage hole than an Element


  1. I don't think "blatant Nerf ripoff" is worthy of being a con. Sure it's not exactly legal or anything, but all that means is we don't have to pay $35 for the Element kit (which is discontinued anyway) for an Element-ish blaster. Additionally it's not terrible, so unlike other crappy ripoffs this one is actually worth the money.

    1. I'm not saying it's a con, I'm saying, it's a Nerf ripoff. I'm not upset that I paid $5 for it, but it's a Nerf's design, they spent the time (probably 5 minutes) designing it and my money went somewhere else. And, yes, I know I could've just not bought it at all, but, meh.

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