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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Australia in no Stryfe at all.

When we love something or someone, we do so regardless of their flaws. And while we all do love Nerf, they are not with out their flaws.

Now I'm not talking about Zombiestrike (there will be another post about that soon). I'm talking about the painfully long time it's taking Nerf to release the Stryfe here in Australia. The Elite Stryfe has been out in the USA since late 2012, it's July now and sill no Stryfe for us :(

Granted we get some blasters before the USA such as the Barricade and Elite Stockade, but I don't think USA Nerfers had to wait almost 8 months (that's 3/4 of a year) for them! I understand Nerf being a USA company will want to favor it's USA fans first, or if Nerf are testing the local market with a new blaster before sending it overseas... but 8 months? Surely you've collected all the data you need to make a decision by now? Haven't you Nerf?

Ok, so if we want a semi-suto clip-fed blaster there is always the Rayven... oh wait, we don't have the Elite Rayven either, instead we're still stuck with the alien snot green N-Strike incarnation! Come on Nerf, what's the hold-up?

Both these blasters have been around for the same amount of time and they haven't migrated this far south of the Equator... why? There are Nerfoids here too ya know. Yes we could buy them from Taobao, eBay and Amazon, but that would mean having to spend almost what the blaster would cost in shipping too (depending on how quickly we want it).

I have an N-Strike Rayven that's been modified and when I get the time it'll be getting a paint job too, so I'm sort of OK without the Elite version. But not all Aussie Nerfers mod their blasters, some (like Pockets from Urban Taggers) keep theirs stock, and the stock performance of the N-Strike Rayven was sub-par with other blasters at the time. We already put up with paying more for the down-tuned blasters we get here.

USA Elite range = 75 feet (average)
Australian Elite range = 50 feet (average)

USA Roughcut 2X4 price = AUD18.75 (Target USA)
Australian Roughcut 2X4 price = AUD39 (Target Australia)

*prices and ranges correct at time of publication*

So why the wait huh Nerf? Why make us wait so long? Are we not important enough? Are we too far away?

I can understand if the wait was 2 or 3 months but it's been 8 now and I'm really itching for a Stryfe (that sounded kinda dirty) and I am not too interested in spending double the RRP to eBay one. I've sent emails but no reply has been returned :(

I guess I'll have to wait for my Stryfe. When it comes out I will get one, because, I love Nerf... regardless of their flaws.

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