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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Batman: Dark Knight Rises Triple Barrel Grapnel review

I like it when toy companies other than Hasbro make their dart blasters capable of firing Nerf branded darts (listening Buzz Bee?). But I was quite surprised to see Mattel, Hasbro's arch rival make a blaster that fires Nerf sized darts.

I'm just going to call this the BB (Batman Blaster). The box is kinda Nerfish, akin to a Firestrike or Strongarm box. It's easy enough to remove, just cut two cable ties and you're done.

I must say it's taken Mattel long enough to make a dart blaster, they have the resources, they have the rights to make DC comic based toys, so, why so long? Any way, It fires three darts at once, and the blaster takes Nerf branded darts without modification. The darts that come with are Nerf in size and resemble whistler darts and are black with a read rubber head.

The blaster is loaded via the barrel and is primed like a Nitefinder or Firestrike. The blaster features a steam-punkish design with a black and bronze paint job that looks quite cool. The trigger is not staged, it's fire three darts or none. the ARs seal of the barrel when not loaded so the air is deliver to whichever barrel is loaded. When firing three darts at once, the top two travel further than the bottom one. Upon opening the blaster I found out why, the plunger is located behind the top two barrels. Meaning the bottom barrel gets left overs. I also noticed one other thing that might contribute to the lack luster performance of this blaster too, the air distributor is narrow, putting unnecessary resistance on the air that has to travel through it.

The handle on this blaster is small, but it is a kid's toy after all. Priming the blaster is nice and smooth and there is little play in the trigger and the plastics feel cheap, but that's due to the matte paint finish, the plastic still feels rigid. The design of the blaster baffles me a little though. This blaster looks like it would be at home in the Tim Burton Batcave, not the Chris Nolan Batcave.

This box states that this blaster will shoot 15 feet, that's not an advert, it's a warning that it will only shoot 15 feet. how ever after I took out the ARs and put in a spare Nerf Jolt spring, there was good increase in performance, but, I have to judge the blaster as stock, which is not too good.

I picked this up for $7, but full retail is/was $30!!! And if I'm paying AUD30 for a handgun blaster I want it to perform well and babysit on the weekends.

1. light
2. fires 3 darts at once
3. looks good

1. too expensive
2. poorly delivers air to the darts
3. poor performance

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