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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Buzz Bee Automatic Tommy 20 review

Oh Buzz Bee, why do you tease us so? You make blasters that incorporate good ideas but your execution leaves a bit to be desired.

The Automatic Tommy 20 has the looks. It looks good on paper too. Full auto. Twenty darts. Then you get to use and all good impressions are lost. It only takes 3 AA sized batteries, it needs at least 5. The ROF (Rate Of Fire) is less than 2 darts per second. I was only getting 2-3 metres of range out of it (fresh batteries too). I will say this though, it was quiet. It is a fly-wheel blaster. The fly-wheels are turned on by a half trigger squeeze, a full trigger squeeze will activate the dart pushing mechanism and the cylinder rotation. The blaster is pretty light and the plastic doesn't feel too cheap either. There is a switch on the side of the blaster that unlocks the front section, allowing it to flip up for reloading. When opening the blaster (for reloading) there are several locks in the pivot point that prevent the front from slamming shut on unsuspecting fingers. This is a good idea but executed poorly, because whenever I opened up the the blaster, the noise the locks made, sounded like I was breaking something.

It takes Buzz Bee suction darts which don't help the ranges, and because it takes the Buzz Bee darts, Nerf sized darts will not fit without modification. It jams a lot too, in my experience, it'll jam once for every 20 shots, but I feel this is because the blaster needs more volts as opposed to a design flaw.

Of course there are modifications that could be done to this blaster, but at an asking price of AUD50, it needs to perform well out-of-the-box. Buzz Bee have good ideas, and I get the feeling that they're holding back for some reason which is unfortunate, because this could've been a really good blaster. I owned one for 3 hours before I took it back to the shop, but I'll leave the decision on whether to keep it up to you.

1. light
2. full auto

1. poor range
2. under powered
3. jams frequently
4. will only take Buzz Bee darts
5. opening the blaster sounds like your breaking it
6. poor rate of fire


  1. After Hasbro nailed them with the patent infringement lawsuit, they have never recovered, and it seems afraid to keep innovating at risk of another trip to the cleaners. I personally don't think they ever recovered.

    1. Sad really, Nerf needs a proper competitor to bring prices down and to force both companies to make innovative new designs. It's funny how Buzz Bee got taken to court but blatant pirateers like Zecong Toys aren't.

  2. Nerf needs a proper competitor to encourage more blaster innovation and variety.


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