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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Buzz Bee Jaguar review

Buzz Bee are a funny brand. I get the feeling they can produce blasters that are as good as what Nerf give us but for some reason they are holding back... strange. Don't get me wrong, Buzz Bee make some good looking blasters and have some interesting concepts, but this doesn't mean too much with if they can't produce a performing blaster. The Jaguar is... different.

The blaster is comfortable to hold and pretty light. The plastic doesn't feel cheap and is smooth, not textured like Nerf blasters and there isn't too much detailing on the shell making painting this blaster easy.

The trigger squeeze is good and doesn't require too much effort. Priming the Jaguar requires an extra "oomph" at the end of the prime, this is what will cock the blaster and advance the 6 dart magazine. This is an interesting concept as it allows the blaster to be shorter and, (with out a dart cylinder) lighter.

Performance is where Buzz Bee always fall short and the Jaguar is not exception. Buzz Bee's poor performance is a combination of:
1. how the air is delivered to the dart
2. the small plungers that Buzz Bee use
3. the weak plunger springs Buzz Bee use and,
4. the tiny hole the air has to go through to get to the dart

Not to mention Buzz Bee's obsession with suction cap darts that just don't offer the same aerodynamics as a streamlined dart.

The Jaguar is a typical Buzz Bee blaster, good concept, poorly executed. I want Buzz Bee to be a good brand but they keep making under-powered blasters with suction-cap darts and it's not a good combination.

1. light weight
2. comfortable
3. easy to paint for cosmetic mods
4. works with Nerf branded darts
5. no dart jams

1. suction cap darts
2. limited modification potential
3. under-powered


Range Test

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  1. A simple way to make the firing spring more powerful is to take it out and just stretch it. I have done this with several BuzzBee blasters, and they work much better.
    Also, Elite darts will work in Buzzbee blasters, which helps solve the problem of aerodynamics... but the suction darts still outdo the Elites when it comes to accuracy.


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