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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Buzz Bee Rapid Fire Tek review

If there is one thing Buzz Bee has, it's good ideas. And the Rapid Fire Tek is one of them.

This blaster, looks and feels amazing. Its a lever action shotgun style blaster with a 6 shell clip (yes, I said shell). Priming the blaster feels manly, cranking the lever down and back up will not only cock and prime the blaster, but give you the satisfaction of ejecting shells too. Each of the 6 darts it comes with are inserted into a shell, then loaded into the magazine. This blaster is very satisfying to use, until you have to pick up 6 darts... and 6 shells.

The Rapid Fire Tek is easy to prime and has an interesting way of delivering the air to the dart. The plunger is in the fore-grip, there is a hose connecting the plunger to the breech. There is a foam seal on the front of the breech that presses against the rear of the shell.

One reason you need to be cautious of Buzz Bee blasters is, they rarely put a range quote on their blaster boxes. And the Rapid Fire Tek is no exception. Buzz Bee's fixation with using suction darts is part of their range problem. The other part of their range problem is the weak springs they use.

The Rapid Fire Tek is a good blaster with poor range (if that makes sense). It's satisfying to cock/prime and the ejecting shells only adds to its manliness, but its range is the deal breaker.

1. comfy to hold
2. ejecting shells
3. satisfying to prime (appeals to my masculinity)

1. poor range
2. weak plunger spring
3. suction darts
4. ejecting shells (more stuff for you to pick up)

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