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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Buzz Bee Tek 6 review

Well, sometimes Buzz Bee will get it right. And the Tek 6 is one of those occasions.

It looks like a gun you'd see in Doctor Who (that's a good thing), it's a 6 dart revolver and gets OK ranges. It's a tad on the heavy side though and does require a bit of strength to cock (my son couldn't do it at 5 years old). This blaster can't jam like the Maverick can, the cylinder is advanced when the blaster is primed, The only thing pulling the trigger does is fire the blaster.

If there is one thing I want Buzz Bee to do, it's to stop using suction cap darts... they are bad! Good news is though, the Tek 6 will work with Nerf branded darts. The plastic doesn't have a cheap feel to it but the blaster is still needlessly bulky. I quite like the Tek 6, despite the small plunger and weak spring, it still performs OK, but will lose every time when pitted against an equivalent Nerf blaster.

There must be patent reasons as to why Buzz Bee don't make better air delivery (to the dart) designs. But that shouldn't stop them from using larger plungers and stronger springs. Why are they holding back?

In conclusion, the Tek 6 is one of Buzz Bee's better blasters, but you'll get better performance out of a Nerf blaster for the same price.

1. 6 shooter
2. works with Nerf darts without modification
3. OK performance
4. looks good

1. too expensive for the performance you get
2. comes with suction cap darts
3. heavy
4. hard to prime

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