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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Buzz Bee Tetra Strike review

Well, here is another Buzz Bee blaster that I didn't own for very long. The Tetra Strike has similarities to the Nerf Mag Strike. But falls far from the mark.

It's a 4 dart full auto blaster. There is an air pump on the front of the blaster, pump it up 3-4 times (it'll release excess pressure if you pump it any more times than that) and then pull the staged trigger. You can fire one dart at a time or all four at once.

This sounds good in theory, but, whenever I used this blaster, there was never enough air left in the reservoir to fire the fourth dart, there was barely enough to fire the third.

It's a weird looking pistol and not in a good way, and what's even stranger is the fact that it comes with six darts. It's light though, I'll give it that. Unfortunately, (for Buzz Bee) that's really the only positive thing I can say about it. It's just not a very good blaster and it could've been.

1. light

1. poor range
2. range decreased with each dart fired
3. 4th dart never fired (for me anyway)
4. comes with suction darts
5. looks ugly

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