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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Free for all!

This is a thing that I plan to do on a semi regular basis. The Free For All works like this. I ask a question and you give your answer in the comments below.

1. Do not insult others, the comment will be deleted
2. No spamming, comments will be deleted

So, the question is this.

Which blaster would you integrate into the Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 and why?

Ready... GO!


  1. roughcut- am waiting for the barrel extender to arrive to do it. may try a sledgefire masterkey too once they come out

    1. Sledgefire eh? That would look interesting.

    2. was just thinking mounted under the rapidstrike it may look kinda cool - only issue is the price of the sledgefire is rather high for a masterkey.

  2. Another Rapidstrike, just for teh lulz of spamming about heaps and heaps of darts.

    Just kidding, I'd integrate any of the following:
    RoughCut - because that's the traditional masterkey blaster
    Sledgefire - because it's a true shell fed shotgun and is thus a true masterkey
    Strongarm/Elite Spectre - because they're small and thus easy to stick on to other blasters, as well as being decent performing and having several spare shots
    Small airguns like the Panther or a tank expanded Secret Strike, for that one high range and accurate shot which the Rapidstrike can't achieve

  3. Best baster for the lightest masterkey would have to be...a rhinofire, stampede, or vulcan.


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