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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Leyuan Hotwheel Semi-Auto Soft Bullet Gun review

There are several alternate brands to Nerf, currently Buzz Bee is a distant second but after that the rest of the brands are kind of mashed up. One of those brands is Leyuan. Leyuan started with copying the Nerf Barricade. They called it the Raging Fire but didn't bother to remove "Barricade RV-10" from the side of the moulding.

Now it looks like they're copying Buzz Bee with the Hotwheel Semi-Auto Soft Bullet Gun With 20 Dart Furnishment (that's its actual name). It comes with 20 poorly made imitation Nerf streamliner darts and 20 poorly made imitation Nerf suction darts (but the one I bought only had the streamliners)"

This is a lightweight blaster that uses fly-wheels to spit out darts from the barrel. It has a design near identical to a Buzz Bee Tommy 20 and the colour is identical. The trigger squeeze is clunky and jams often (pulling the trigger quickly though seems to prevent jamming). The 20 dart cylinder is advanced one position with each trigger squeeze, it uses the same type of clockwork that the Maverick uses in that regard. The Hotwheel Semi-Auto Soft Bullet Gun With 20 Dart Furnishment doesn't feel like it's made from cheap plastic and the grips are quite comfy.

The box says the blaster needs 6 AA batteries but that is a lie, it'll only take 5. The blaster is quite noisy once the motors are turned on by a switch located near the thumb... if you're a righty. Using the streamline darts (only option I had) is not pleasant, the fly-wheels are too far apart for them to grip the darts properly. As a result they don't travel very far. However, when the blaster was tested with Nerf whistler darts the range was on par with N-Stike blasters (not Elite). After some electrical tape was applied to each flywheel (4 layers each wheel), the blaster performs very well.

One good thing though, the dart cylinder doesn't skip when squeezing the trigger in rapid succession like the Maverick does.

This is a poor performing blaster for the normal retail price of $40 (I got it for $10). A blaster that Costs $40 needs to perform out-of-the-box and shouldn't need to be modified to do it.

1. comfy
2. doesn't need modification to accept Nerf darts
3. semi-auto
4. 20 dart capacity

1. poor value for money
2. very noisy
3. darts are very poorly made
4. on/off switch is only on one side of the blaster
5. poor performance
6. trigger jams
7. poorly positioned fly-wheels

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