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Monday, 22 July 2013

Mav Daddy - cosplay commision

A friend of mine wanted me to make a "pimp" Nerf blaster. So I said yes.

Pics after jump.

I started with a Maverick. Then it was time to design! When I think "70s disco pimp", I think purple velvet, gold chains and broad brimmed hats with white-tiger fur trimmings all over. So I had to make the maverick look like it would fit in.

The gold bits were easy, I prepped the surface by rubbing it with cloth dabbed in acetone based nail polish remover. It's more expensive than sandpaper but faster and I'm too lazy for sanding. After it's been acetone washed, I washed then rinsed the parts in warm soapy water to remove any residue. I primed the parts in silver acrylic, then used 4-5 coats of gold nail polish. Thanks to the fumes, I can still see purple flying hippos, but the gold colour turned out very pineapples.

I took a single piece of purple polyester fleece, and glued it onto the Maverick's shell. I roughed up the surface buy giving it a quick sand then applied Tarzan's Grip general purpose adhesive in 20mm squares at a time. Making sure there were no creases. Then using a very sharp blade, I cut off the excess purple fleece.

I wanted to do the whole cylinder in white-tiger fleece but there wasn't enough room, but I was able to coat it where the surface indents to "hug" the darts. I also put the white tiger fleece around the handle. Inside the space where the cylinder goes I painted black using a paint pen. I used permanent marker for the pattern at the top of the blaster. I did this to break the one shade of purple. All of the standard mods are here, coin mod, ARs gone, barrel drop.

This is a one-of I did for a friend. Don't ask me to make one for you... because I wont.

~ Rob

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