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Monday, 22 July 2013

Nerf-Con 45 (Playstation Namco G-Con 45 conversion)

So I Took the shell from a Namco G-Con 45, gutted it and gave it an Elite Firestrike transplant!

This was tricky, because the peg and screw posts are on opposite sides. but I was able to overcome it. and I was able to save the original trigger.

I had to extent the priming stalk with some dowel. The AR is gone too.

This is the most comfortable blaster pistol I've ever held because of the full-sized grip. I bored out the cable hole in the handle and it now fits an extra dart and I've converted the "lower barrel" into a tac light.

This is open for orders, but, price of the finished product depends on the price of the donor G-Con 45.

~ Rob


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