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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Nerf Dart Tag Speedswarm review

IF you've ever needed an excuse to shoot at other people with Nerf blasters (excluding HvZ and Nerf Wars) Dart Tag is it. Dart Tag is not a new thing, it's been around since 2003 but in 2011, the current line of Dart Tag blasters (current at the time of me writing this) was released. New design, new mechanics (mostly) and all in yellow. Of the new designs there are two fully automatic blasters, the Speedswarm and the Swarmfire.

The Speedswarm is a pistol, at the front there is a carousel with chambers for ten darts in it. It'll take any Nerf branded dart, but, tagger darts seem to work best (though in testing I did get 80 feet out of one Elite dart). There is no safety switch, put the 6 AA sized batteries in the blaster and pull the trigger. This is new for Nerf as they seem to be intent on putting safeties everywhere on their products. For something called "Speedswarm" there is not much swarm, or speed for that matter. You'll get maybe two darts a second out of the blaster and it is noisy, however, because it's a motor driven direct plunger, and not flywheels, it's silent until the trigger is squeezed. There is about a half-second delay between the trigger squeeze and the first dart firing.

With batteries in it the blaster is very front heavy, but could be wielded in one hand. There is a fore-grip (of sorts) under the front of the blaster if your shooting hand gets tired. There are two points for a strap to be attached, bot on static parts... that's good :)

I'm still undecided on Hasbro's choice of yellow as the primary colour for the current Dart Tag blasters, same with the design.

The Speedswarm sells for AUD28 (correct at July 2013) which is ok, the Elite Stockade sells at the same price. The Speedswarm is a powerful blaster, albeit a heavy and noisy one with an ok rate of fire.

1. full auto
2. holds ten darts
3. good range
4. no safeties

1. heavy
2. noisy
3. looks may not appeal to everyone

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