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Friday, 26 July 2013

Nerf Elite Pinpoint Sight (EPPS) review

This is an item I never thought I'd get my hands on. The Elite Pinpoint Sight (EPPS).

The box is almost the same as the N-Strike Pinpont's, some of the artwork is the same with the exception of the colour of the Pinpoint Sight of course. On the back there is a collection of Elite blaster pics. On the side of the box there is a picture of the Maverick's primer with the Pinpoint sight attached. The picture used appears to be a Photoshopped version of the original but with a fresh photo of the EPPS overlayed onto it. I say that because the Pinpoint Sights are at different angles.

I'm not sure if all EPPSs are like this but the one I have, the crosshair is off centre, but because it's an EPPS I can let that go. Something else I noticed too, the orange paint was a bit thin in places and there is a blue tint here and there.

How it works is, there is a red LED and projects a spot onto the clear plastic. When you line up the red dot into the centre of the cross hair, you know you're aiming straight.

It takes 2 AA sized batteries just like the original. The Pinpoint Sight is a great accessory (in general) and if you can pick up an N-Strike one but can't get a hold of an Elite version, why not Pick up the N-Strike version and paint it?

I am incredibly grateful to the Canberra & Southern NSW Dart Tag club for the EPPS, check them out on Facebook.

1. it's awesome

1. there is only one pro

~ Rob


  1. Mine was off centre as well. I just switched it with my N-Strike PPS's lens and it lines up fine.

  2. Both of mine line up fine. Quality issues haha.

    1. I'm not complaining, I can fix it. I can make it faster, better, stronger, we have the technology!


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