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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Nerf N-Strike Barricade RV-10 review

Dual wielding the Maverick or Strongarm can be a cumbersome affair. If you're going to dual wield anything, it needs to be light and semi-auto at least. This is where the Barricade slips in.

It is a semi-auto 10 dart revolver using fly-wheels to spit the darts out of the barrel. It comes with 10 whistler darts and no batteries :(

The Barricade is comfortable to hold, it is a tad front heavy nothing of any concern and can easily attain the N-Strike range of 35 feet. The fly wheels are vertically mounted but this doesn't seem to affect the accuracy too much, it is however a noisy thing.

To turn on the fly-wheels there is a switch located near your thumb on the left side of the blaster, however, the switch has not been mirrored on the right side of the blaster so lefties will find is a bit of a nuisance to turn on. Once the fly-wheels are spinning (takes a second or 4 to spool up) just pull the trigger and a plastic finger will push the dart into the fly-wheels. Release the trigger and the cylinder will advance to the next dart. This is the same clockwork that is used in the Maverick, which means, pulling the trigger at too high a frequency will cause the mechanism to skip and could cause jams. There is an eyelet in the butt of the handle for attaching a strap but there is no other eyelet on the blaster, but you could attach a key-ring to the iron-sight as a second. The plastic in the handle feels a little cheap as well.

The fly-wheels are designed for whistler darts but also work with suction darts, due to the larger head, but the Barricade will not spit out Elite or Streamliner darts too far because of the space between the flywheels. There is a lock for a shoulder stock on the back of the blaster but it doesn't come with one unless one is included in a bonus pack.

This is a good blaster but there is room for improvement, the on/off switch needs to be mirrored onto the right side of the Barricade or integrated into the trigger so a half pull turns them on. The fact that the blaster can't use clip style darts is a bother too but this has be rectified in the Stockade.

This is an older blaster but not one to be dismissed too quickly, there is potential for modification and due to it's age one could be purchased at a good price.

1. reasonably light
2. ok performance
3. semi-auto
4. comfortable
5. holds 10 darts

1. noisy
2. won't fire Elite or Streamliner darts without modification
3. requires batteries
4. no on/off switch on the right side
5. plastic in handle feels a little flimsy
6. no second eyelet for strap attachment.

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