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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Nerf N-Strike Elite Firestrike review

The Nite Finder won hearts as a direct plunger pistol blaster and became more popular due to the almost endless array of cosmetic modifications. Then came the Elite series and the Firestrike, the Nite Finder's successor, It features the same stuff as the Nite Finder, stalk type primer, holder for 2 extra darts, red sight light and tactical rail. The plastic had a quality feel to it and the orange, blue and white colour scheme looks good on this blaster.

The grip is a bit smaller than the Nite Finder's making it less comfortable to hold. The sight light doesn't have the adjustable lens that the Night Finder had, some people liked being able to adjust the sight light, I didn't. Unlike the Nite Finder, pulling the trigger half-way will not activate the sight light. There is a secondary trigger mounted just below the trigger guard that can be squeezed with the middle finger. This is possibly due to complaints about the Nite Finder's sight light getting stuck on. The range of accuracy for the sight light in the Fire Strike is about 10m (33 feet).

Priming the blaster is nice, it's smooth with little friction. The Elite darts (it comes with 3) fit nice and snugly in the barrel creating a nice seal, like it's daddy, this blaster is a direct plunger type blaster, as a result it's performance is very good. Priming the blaster is good too, it doesn't take too much effort to prime the Firestrike (my 6 year-old son can do it) and there is very little friction on the priming stalk. Stock, this blaster is quite accurate.

The claimed range (15-20 meters) is accurate and the blaster itself is relatively compact and light. However, as the Nite Finder is still available in stores, I don't see the Firestrike overtaking the Nite Finder any time soon as modders prefer the Nite Finder.

This is a good blaster for beginning Nerfers of a young age and is an all round improvement on the Nite Finder. Prices vary from $8 to $13 Australian but can be picked up for as little as $5 Australian if on sale.

1. light
2. compact
3. elite ranges
4. aiming light

1. small uncomfortable handle

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