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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampage review

The N-Strike Raider Rapid Fire CS-35 is an "either you like it or you hate it" type of blaster. The 35 dart drum gave you a good amount of blasting before the need to reload but the weight was an issue for some and it did impede visibility. The reverse type plunger was was an issue for some too but slam-fire was a nice inclusion.

So to rectify this Nerf created the Rampage. The direct successor to the Raider has the same exterior design to the Raider but it's on the inside where all the changes have been made. It's now a direct plunger blaster and the dart barrel has a 24 dart capacity, down 10 from the Raider's. Unlike the Raider, the Rampage doesn't come with a detachable shoulder stock like the Raider did but the slam-fire feature remains... yay!

The blaster is comfy to hold and cock. The dart drum has been redesigned into a "tear-drop" shape allowing for greater visibility in side-fed Clip System blasters and balance when used with bottom-fed Clip System blasters. The materials have a quality feel to them but the fore grip does feel a little on the cheap side.

The only jamming issues I've had with this blaster were my own fault as I didn't prime the blaster fully. A mistake I'm proud to say I've not repeated. Slam-fire can pump out darts at a rate of up to 3 per second but the absence of a shoulder stock means slam-fire is not very accurate. As a righty the dart drum rests on my left forearm so I'm not bothered by the imbalance that comes with several hundred grams of plastic hanging off the side, but this might be an issue for lefties. The Rampage will jam mid-prime if not primed fully, this has been an issue in other pump-action blasters. It is due to a lock that Nerf insists on putting into their blasters.

The trigger squeeze is nice and smooth and doesn't require herculean strength to perform. The pistol-like fore grip makes priming and slam firing this blaster quite easy. Strangely in the Rampage, the barrel is rifled, this could be to try and increase the Rampage's accuracy or simply for aesthetics. It comes with a 25 dart drum and 25 darts.

The Rampage is a great blaster, it easily achieves the Elite range of 75 feet and is reasonably light and there is a good amount of darts in the drum to reduce the amount of reloading done. However, reloading 25 darts can be stressful when you're being shot at. There is storage for an additional dart in the rear handle for some reason.

1. slam fire
2. 25 dart drum
3. performance
4. comfy
5. light weight

1. no shoulder stock included with blaster
2. handles feel cheap
3. 25 dart drum
4. might jam if not primed fully

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