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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator review

The N-Strike Recon's performance wasn't really too good but the reason it was popular with Nerfers was because of the accessories that came with it. It's Elite follow-up, the Retaliator, can accessorise too, but now it can also perform.

With the Elite line Nerf seems to want to rectify it's past disgraces with converting older blasters to direct type plunger. The Retaliator is no different. With the Retaliator (like the Recon) you get a barrel extension, shoulder stock, 12 dart clip and 12 darts.

The blaster is light and comfortable to use with out the accessories, add the shoulder stock barrel extension and the assault grip make the blaster is very easily maneuvered with two hands, but between each shot you'd need to take your hand off of the fore grip, prime (via the slide on the top of the core unit), then take hold of the fore grip again... a bit silly really.

As a pistol the Retaliator is a compact and light blaster with the 12 dart clip, I wouldn't recommend using anything more than a 12 dart clip in the Retaliator if it's going to be used as a pistol. There is a tactical rail on the top of the blaster but it's on the primer. This will make priming difficult if there is a tactical accessory attached, there are two on the barrel extension and the shoulder stock is unable to hold additional clips :( The barrel extension severely reduces the range of the blaster and is rifled (like the Rampage's barrel), I do not yet know if Nerf do this as an attempt to increase accuracy or if it's just for show. The first shot I fired from the Retaliator with the extension on spun-out and dropped at 4 metres.

The plastic is good quality and feels rigid. The pistol grip is comfy and a good size for mature aged Nerfers. There is only one attachment point for a harness but there should be a second.

As a pistol, the Retaliator is a good blaster, it's light and on par with other Elite blaster ranges, as an assault rifle, it fails, it's comfortable, easily maneuvered but the inability to prime with the fore-grip makes the assault rifle "mode" useless. Not to mention the lack of slam-fire :(

1. accessories
2. pistol mode is light and powerful
3. shoulder stock makes priming the blaster easier if not using the fore-grip
4. 12 dart clip

1. barrel extension reduces range
2. no slam-fire ability
3. included shoulder stock can't store extra clip
4. can't prime with assault-grip when it's attached
5. tactical rail is on the primer

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