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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Nerf N-Strike Elite Rough Cut 2X4 review

Fans of Nerf blasters and shotguns liked the N-Strike Barrel Break. It had a loading style akin to a double barrel shotgun and one that was unique to Nerf blasters (previous or present). The Rough Cut 2X4 is its Elite successor.

Out of the box the first thing you notice is how light it is and how comfy the handle is. It is undoubtedly the most comfortable Elite blaster I've ever held. It's is narrow too, bulking at the top of the blaster where the plungers are (there are two). This blaster is part of the Multi-Shot Madness sub-line of the Nerf blaster range (the Vortex Diatron is also included), meaning it is capable of firing 2 darts at once, or, one dart at a time. This is accomplished with a staged trigger. The Rough Cut is cleverly designed, with the assistance of "intelligent air restrictors" the blaster will divert air from the plunger to the next loaded barrel in the firing sequence. There are priming indicators on the rear of the blaster, one on the left and another on the right. The firing sequence is; left to right, top to bottom. There are eight barrels.

It is capable of slam-fire but I wouldn't recommend it as you would be out of ammo in four shots and if the trigger isn't fully depressed, it'll cause jams. On the flipside, the trigger on the Rough Cut I have gets stuck in if squeezed too hard. I've not encountered this issue before with other blasters. The plastic (as always) doesn't feel cheap and has a quality feel, even the handle which on some other Nerf blasters feels a little thin. And while the handle is sized for a mature aged Nerfer, the fore-grip is a tad on the small size.

There have been quality issues raised regarding the Rough Cut, Nerfers have noticed that if darts are stored in the barrels for too long the range of the blaster is reduced considerably. This is something I'll not be attempting to recreate. The half-prime lock that (for reasons known only to them) Nerf adds to its pump-action blasters is in the Rough Cut as well and this does make priming the blaster sound a little clunky. Also, after priming the blaster several times, I've noticed a groove wearing into the shaft of the blaster and fine blue plastic shavings on the fore-grip. This does add a little friction to the prime.

After using the blaster in a shoot-out with my family, I have to say that the Rough Cut has become my preferred sidearm, simply because of how it feels.

This is a good blaster that easily gets the Elite range (75 feet in USA, 50 feet in Australia... blame safety regulations for that). The ability to fire one dart at a time is a nice addition but I don't think too many people would use it, I wouldn't. It has a good feel, priming is easy but the blaster is not without issues.

1. very good feel
2. very comfy
3. holds 8 darts
4. slam-fire ability
5. "intelligent ARs"
6. light
7. single fire capable

1. jams too easily
2. fore-grip wears grooves into shaft
3. leaving darts in blaster will cause range drop
4. half-prime lock
5. trigger gets stuck

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