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Friday, 19 July 2013

Nerf N-strike Longhsot CS-6 review

Everybody likes big guns. Even people that say they don't like big guns, like big guns. And the Longshot is a big gun.

The Longshot is like the Holy Grail of Nerf blasters for a multitude of reasons, some being:
1. it's big
2. direct plunger
3. endless modification possibilities
4. variety of after market parts available

While starting to get on in years (released in 2006). The Longshot is still as popular as it's ever been, probably more so, as the Nerf community increases and demand for the blaster rises.

In the box you'll get, the blaster, 6 dart clip, 6 darts, barrel extension blaster and a scope (that's not really good for much). The blaster features a fold out bi-pod that is often remove by modifiers because it makes the blaster uncomfortable to hold. The Longshot can easily get the N-Strike range of 35 feet with the barrel extension on but with it off you can get almost 55 feet out of it. The range of the Longshot Front Blaster (LSFB) is sub-par as it's internals are reverse plunger based.

This thing is heavy when fully assembled... and long. Often Nerf war combatants will remove the barrel to increase mobility. The shoulder stock is extendable and has two settings, out, and in. It also has storage for another clip in it. The sight that comes with the Longshot is just for show. The clear plastic "lens" distorts everything you look at and there is no magnification.

Priming this blaster is easy, it's a bolt action style blaster but can still be fired in rapid succession with one hand on the grip and the other on the bolt. Priming the LSFB is done via pump action grip below it. This blaster is reasonably comfy to hold and with the LSFB off is fairly well balanced.

These blasters are quite rare in USA but still very common in Australia, New Zealand and UK.

The Longshot is a great blaster, not just for it's age but in general. If you get the opportunity to buy one, you should.

1. it's big
2. pretty good range (with barrel off)
3. comfy
4. direct plunger
5 easy to prime

1. heavy when fully assembled
2. range killing barrel extentesion
3. LSFB range is bad
4. only comes with 6 dart clip and 6 darts
5. silly bi-pod


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