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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Nerf N-Strike Maverick REV-6 mod guide

Ahh the Maverick. It's the highest selling Nerf blaster ever for a good reason. It's awesome. But now we have the Elite series and the Maverick is starting to look underpowered compared to its successor the Strongarm. Good news is, we can give the ol' Maverick some extra oomph.

We'll be covering:
- AR removal
- increasing the spring's compression (coin mod)
- full barrel (but actually a cylinder) drop

Firstly we'll need to take the blaster apart, the screws are in the right side of the shell. Take them out and don't loose them. They're all the same size. Then take out the reverse plunger. There is a spring guide on the back of the plunger tube, halve its length and put the plunger and spring back into the blaster. Then take seven Australian 5c coins and insert them behind the spring. This will make sure the spring is fully compressed when it's primed. They should look like this...

To take out the ARs, we need to take out the cylinder. Then take a knife or screw driver and lever off the front cylinder mount. There is a spring in the other end, don't lose it.

There are three screws in the back of the cylinder (the black end), take them out. Try not to mix these with other screws as these are different lengths to the others. Take out the black rear end piece. There will be 6 springs and 6 ARs in the cylinder, take 'em out. I left the dart posts in, you can remove them if you want. The way to do that is to cut them out of the orange plastic ring there attached to. You want to keep the orange ring in the cylinder.

Now put the cylinder back together.

Now you'll need to remove some teeth from the cylinder mounts. Mine are already gone, but the highlighted areas are where the teeth used to be, remove them.

Now put your Maverick back together and your done :)

Video Tutorial


  1. FYI, 3 10 cent (Euro) coins or 5 1 cent (United States) coins also fit perfectly behind the spring.

  2. Nerf N-Strike Maverick is an innovative toy for kid. Its attractive in color and more important safe for kids.


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