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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Nerf N-Strike Maverick REV-6 review

Nothing quite compares to the manly feel of a 6 shooter in your hand. That could be why the Maverick REV-6 is still Nerf's highest selling blaster EVER!

It's light, easy to use, hold 6 darts (duh), and (even with the Elite range) still holds its own against newer blasters. The plastic is good quality as one would expect from Nerf. Priming the blaster is easy and it easily gets the N-Strike range of 35 feet (with streamline darts). There is a button on the left side of the blaster that will allow the cylinder to pop out from the side. This is its major downfall, the cylinder only comes out far enough to load 2 darts at a time. The second issue I have with the Maverick (this is only a small one though), is the clockwork used to rotate the cylinder, pulling the trigger too fast might cause the gears to skip a tooth or cause jams... or both. But this seldom happens. The third gripe I have with the Maverick is the location of the tactical rail, it's on the primer as is the strap attachment point :(

Th handle remains one of the more comfier among Nerf blasters due to its full size. The Maverick is also an ideal blaster for teaching yourself how to modify blasters, due to it's simple internals, the simple modifications that can be done to it and (because of its age) relatively low price. (modify at your own risk though)

The Maverick remains a favourite amongst Nerfers even after the Strongarm. This is possibly due to a sense of nostalgia that they have for the Maverick (usually the Maverick was their first blaster)

If you can find a Maverick for cheap, buy it. It's still a great blaster and one that will be missed when Nerf has phased out the N-Strike line latter this year (2013).

1. six shooter
2. easy to use
3. comfy
4. light
5. easy to modify

1. only load 2 darts at a time
2. tactical rail is on primer
3. cylinder rotation mechanism may cause jams
4. strap attachment point is on primer


  1. Actually, I've seen some folks use that strap attachment point as a quick way to one-hand reload the blaster. They attach the strap to their arm and pull forward. You can dual-wield Mavericks and prime each one on-the-fly with this method. Of course, it's probably easier to just use a Flywheel blaster to dual wield like the Barricade or Stryfe.

    1. I've seen people use the "strap method" it looks funny :)


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