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Friday, 19 July 2013

Nerf officially announces Zombie Strike line

About an hour ago Nerf (via Facebook) released a Zombie Strike promo image that confirms, once and for all, the Zombie strike line.

Pic after jump

The image shows a silhouette of a few zombies with the Hammershot and a Sledgefire sporting a darker shade of blue. Nerf confirmed that it was using a lighter shade of blue in the images of the blaster that we've already seen. I like the darker blue more than I like the lighter blue, but still think blue doesn't fit the zombie apocalypse theme.

There has been nothing from Nerf about the 2014 blasters yet though but if you've read my article "Zombiestrike, there is still time to fix it!" article it's possible they're calculating the market feedback (which wasn't positive) and deciding on what changes to make to the range, we can hope.

Anyway, if Nerf does decide to bring out the 2014 blasters exactly as we've seem them (which would be a mistake) I'll only be getting the Hammershot and Sledgefire because the rest look a bit meh.

~ Rob

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