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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Nerf Vortex Diatron review

If you've never played with a Diatron before the best I can describe it is; it's like a Vigilon that can fire two discs at once. That's exactly what it is like.

The Diatron is one of the new Vortex blasters and features the new (and AMAZING) colour scheme. Gone are the days of the Alien vomit green. Nerf have also stopped trying to make the Vortex blasters looks like Alien guns and have gone for a more industrial look and me likes it.

The first two things you'll notice when you hold the blaster is:
1. how light it is
2. how comfy it is

The design of the blaster makes it look as though it'll fire the second disc out of what looks to be a lower barrel but it doesn't, it instead fires both discs out of the one barrel, the lower one is for show. The Diatron primes like no other Vortex blaster yet, there is a lever on the left side of the blaster that needs to be cranked out, then in. The lever seems to be reinforced with metal but still feels as though it'll break whenever I prime it. There is a "T" shaped tooth in the lever with a corresponding hole in the body of the blaster, this is a safety that'll prevent firing while the lever is out.

The blaster holds 10 discs (5 shots) but it only comes with 8. Flick the switch near your thumb (applies to lefties and righties) and the magazine door drops open. This blaster is easy to load but as it must fire 2 discs at a time, there needs to be an even amount of discs in the mag, it won,t fire with just one. There is no staged trigger like you'll find in the Roughcut 2X4, the other member of the Multishot Madness sub-line.

The blaster is a bit front heavy but attaching a shoulder stock will aide in balancing it out a bit and will make priming the blaster with that lever easier too.

As always with Vortex blasters, the accuracy is very good thanks to the aerodynamics of the discs, the 2 discs fired from this blaster will hug each other until about the 35 foot mark. At close range though the two discs do pack a noticeably bigger punch than just one disc. There are no strap attachment points on this blaster but being a pistol, it's something that'll be holstered rather than hung on a shoulder.

This is a great blaster, with a great colour scheme and a great feel. I also like the new orange and white discs too, it's a very welcome change from the green of old.

1. light
2. awesome colour scheme
3. comfy
4. fires two discs at once

1. run out of ammo twice as fast
2. only comes with 8 discs

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