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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Nerf Vortex Pyragon review

Since Nerf released the Vortex line, its blasters have been missing one thing. Slam-fire, but worry no more because we now have the Pyragon.

The Pyragon is the first Vortex blaster with slam-fire ability and it does it well. In my experience there was no jamming what so ever (slam-fire or single short). The blaster is light and the grips are comfy too, although, it did take a few minutes to decide whether I liked the thumb hole on the fore-grip or not... I do like it. But someone with larger hands might not.

There are no strap attachment points but there is a slot under the tactical rail where a strap could be attached. There is also an attachment point for a shoulder stock too, having one attached does make slam-fire easier.

This blaster comes with a 40 disc drum (the highest capacity for any Nerf clip/drum/magazine to date) and it's cleverly designed. It needs a minimum of 19 discs loaded before you pull a lever on the top of the drum that lines up the next chamber (there are 4). But once the drum is loaded, you can slam-fire away to your heart's content to the sum of 40 discs. There is one downside though, it's quite heavy. And the low weight of the blaster is ruined by the drum, the drum is well positioned, the blaster is balanced, but heavy. The good news is though, standard Vortex clips/magazines will work in the Pyragon.

The best part about this blaster is the colour scheme. IT'S AWESOME! It is such a welcome change from the Alien snot green of the Vortex blasters of old.
The only thing this blaster has going against it is the 40 disc drum. It makes a light blaster heavy and adds to the price, this is selling for anything between AUD50 and AUD70. Not to mention too, loading 40 discs will take some time! (as will looking for them after you've unloaded them all)

This is a good blaster on its own, but it should've come with two 20 disc magazines instead of the drum.

1. blaster is light
2. 40 disc capacity
3. slam-fire capable
4. awesome colour scheme

1. disc drum is heavy
2. 40 discs to load will take time
3. disc drum makes the blaster more expensive than it should be


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