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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Pink Crush and Guardian Crossbow on TaoBao

The Rebelle Guardian Crossbow and Pink Crush blasters have made an appearance on Taobao.

Link after jump.

Click here to see for yourself.
But there is a catch, it only ships inside China and it's territories, so, if you're a Chinese reader (I have one), and you really want some Rebelle stuff, you might be able to do it there.

It's up to you.

~ Rob


  1. The problem with finding an agent, is that you can pay them, they can ship it, but its down to Chinese Customs to let it out, and more often than not, they keep it so you lose out. I know someone personally who lost out on $300 worth of goods because of this, and its not the first time.

    1. The trick is to order small quantities. A large package will get noticed more than a small one will.


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