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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Random Shadow 09's Mega Centurion range test

Congratulations to Random Shadow 09, the proud father of a bouncing baby Centurion.

He goes into some depth about the blaster too, how it primes, ammo comparison and even explains the two "clunks" people have been hearing when it's been fired. He complete testes (flat with barrel off and on)

Vid after jump

I must say, after seeing how it performs (RS09's range tests are always good) I've lost even more interest in getting one. I've also heard horror stories about Mega darts being shredded by excessive use, very inconsistent ranges and inaccurate dart travel. Don't get me wrong, the Centurion looks amazing and the way you're able to insert/remove the clip without priming first is a brilliant idea (hope to see it on more blasters), but, it just doesn't shout "buy me" as loudly to me as it used to.

I'd love to see what it can do when Orange Mod Works get their hands on one though :)

~ Rob

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