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Monday, 29 July 2013

Rebelle Guardian Crossbow and Sweet Revenge manifest on TaoBao

Normally you can find unreleased Nerf blaster first on Taobao. but for some reason it took them a while to get Rebelle.

For sale is the Guradian Crossbow for CNY245.65 (AUD43.21)...

There are several "shops" on Taobao selling the Guradian Crossbow and one of them was nice enough to provide us with a box...

Also for sale at the bargain price of CNY269.00 (AUD47.44, I lied it's not a bargain) is the Sweet Revenge revolver. No box art to be found with this listing, only a pic of the blaster on some guy's floor.

The same guy that's selling the Sweet Revenge is also selling a Pink Crush for CNY169 (AUD29.81) with a couple of extras thrown in...

On the later two, I don't see any darts included with them so might be a "straight from factory to you" kinda deal. He is also selling, get this:
1. a Rapidstrike CS-18 with two clear clips and an orange one
2. a Retaliator with the folding Spectre shoulder stock
3. a Retaliator with Raider shoulder stock and a Star Wars Blaster
4. a Retaliator with Spectre shoulder stock and a Star Wars Blaster and two targets
5. a Deploy flash light with clips

Taobao don't ship outside of China, you need an agent or relative you can send it to so they can send it outside of China, do you fell lucky?

~ Rob


  1. So mere hours after the Rebelle website went live, the Pink Crush pistol and Guardian Crossbow are available on crossbow scopes


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