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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Rebelle Power pair up on Toys R Us and Amazon websites

We're starting to see a slow item-by-item release of the new Rebelle line on the websites of a few major retailers, Toys R Us are one of them.

More pics and link after jump

Slowly but surely the Rebelle line is starting to appear on the TRU website. First it was the Rebelle dart refill pack now it's the Power Pair. The price is USD12.99 with is ok I suppose. They are, ultimately, remolded Jolts. The grips (and this is an observation based on the pics) seem to be rubberised. If anyone has manhandled a Rebelle blaster and confirm this, please let me know in the comments section.

Not to be outdone is There you'll find the Power Pair selling for USD14.99, far too much if you ask me.

The item's description goes:

- Power Pair pack includes 2 blasters, one for you and one for a BFF
- Compact blasters fit in a purse or pocket
- Darts load and fire easily
- Store darts in each blaster
- 4 collectible darts

My daughter (3 at time of post) would love these I think. At the moment she has an unnatural obsession with the colour pink.

~ Rob

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