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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Skylanders: Giants - Trigger Happy's dart blaster review

If there's a cartoon or video game character with a firearm, chances are, there will be a toy of it. Trigger Happy, from Skylanders: Giants, is no exception

This blaster looks like a cartoon version of the Maverick. It comes with 6 darts with a plastic tube inside them that can't be removed. This makes the darts heavy so they won't fly far. And because there is extra weight behind the head of the dart, they're not too accurate either.

The cylinder doesn't drop out of the blaster making reloading difficult, there are indentations on the sided allowing darts to be inserted into the chambers. The blaster primes like a Maverick/Strongarm via a slide at the top of the blaster. Priming the blaster is easy enough and the cylinder is rotated with each trigger pull like the Maverick only the same. My biggest gripe with this blaster is the trigger. It's too big for just one finger and too small for two. You can't use the blaster with one finger because half of your hand wouldn't be on the handle, and using two fingers is uncomfortable on my middle finger when squeezing the trigger. You can't even hold it gangster style (with your index finger on the side and middle finger on the trigger) because squeezing the trigger pinches the skin on my ring finger.

The extra plastic makes the blaster needlessly heavy, the handle and trigger is uncomfortable. It's difficult to reload and the darts are bad. With Elite darts the blaster performs ok, but, to be fair, I have to grade this blaster on the ammo that it came with.

1. actually looks like the gun in the game
2. nice colour

1. needlessly heavy
2. uncomfortable handle
3. uncomfortable trigger
4. poor performance
5. poorly designed darts
6. difficult to reload

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