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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Urban Taggers is no more!

Today is a sad day for Nerfers everywhere with the end of Urban Taggers! I'm not making this up!

More info after Jump.

Today Pockets from Urban Taggers made his final post on the Urban Taggers blog site. Thus completing three years of bringing us Nerf news and updates, often before everyone else. It started June 30 2010 with this post:

"Welcome to Urban Taggers ; a blog dedicated to the gentle art of running around your friendly neighbourhood and frantically shooting at your friends without causing any injuries or pain:) On the whole we'll be covering all things to do with out-of-the-box Nerf, Super Soaker and Lazer Tag and anything else we can think of that involves toy shooting goodness!"

It's because of people like Pockets that I was inspired to create my own Nerf blog. Not to copy him, but to share my opinion of blasters in general and see what people thought of it. With Pocket abdicating Urban Taggers, a very big hole is left in the NIC now. One I could never possibly fill myself... EVER! It would take 100 mees to fill Pockets' shoes and if you ask anyone who knows me, one of me is enough. Pockets informed, educated and enlightened us in everything foam dart blaster, water gun and laser tag related and his absence will upset a great many people.

Pockets worked tirelessly to keep us informed but for reasons known only to him, he's decided to call it a day... that was 3 years long. He will continue to maintain the UT Facebook page and perform admin on the comments in the UT blog but there will be no more entries :(

Pockets, you were an inspiration to myself and many other Nerf bloggers, you will be sorely missed and I wish you all the success in what ever you do in life.

~ Rob

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