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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Vigilon and Proton with new colour scheme on TaoBao

This is old news, but incase anyone cares... the Proton and Vigilon with the new colour scheme are on TaoBao.

Pics after jump.

No links to the Taobao site because they'll be available in stores now soon enough. The images give us a good look at the new colour scheme... a little too much white if you ask me, needs more orange. And the XLR discs have a blue centre? Anyway, if you've read this far, you deserve to see the pics, but, there nothing too special...

Here's the Vigilon...

And here's the Proton...

I'm not too sure about the blue graphic on the Proton, the pattern on the Vigilon is nice but it doesn't cover enough of the white. What I'd like to see the the awesome flame job from the Revonix on all the Vortex blasters...

~ Rob


  1. I think the guys at Hasbro are confused. The Whiteout series blasters were incredibly popular because they were white and they had cool graphics on them, too. But these... are just white with like ONE cool graphic on them. They're kind of boring IMHO. It looks like they didn't even try on the Vigilon.

    1. I wants a flame job on all the white Vortex blasters

    2. Hey, that's not the final version of the Vigilon, you should check out Awesomenerfer1999's article on that

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Link? I've checked his blog and can't find anything, you do know this post is 2 months old right?

      PS. I'm not going to delete your double post, that everyone knows what you did

  2. Try this,

    After that, you need to scroll down in order to find the article.

    P.S. I just love the Vigilon's new paint job! :^)

    1. Ok. Thanks for that. I have seen those photos before, here are some observations.

      1. The pic in this article of the Vigilon appears the have less black on it, suggesting it might've been pinched fro a factory.
      2. This article is about the items appearing on Taobao, not so much the new paint job
      3. This post is 2 months old


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