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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Vortex Revonix 360 unboxing

Basic Nerf got his lucky mits on the new Vortex Revonix 360 and has kindly provided us with an unboxing vid!

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More than just the blaster, it looks as though Hasbro is trying to revamp the entire Vortex line. In the vid we see new box art design, new paint jobs for the Diatron and Pyragon (looking sweet I might add).

In this pic you can see the more aggressive design on the Vortex series box are, I think it's safe to say that we can expect the same design to filter down to the rest of the Vortex line eventually.

On the edge of the box you can see the new colour scheme for the Diatrom and Pyragon. They feature new tribal designs on the side and it looks alright in my opinion. Dunno about the green tribal on the Pyragon though, should've stuck with black or orange.

The back of the box appears to be set in a urban "combat" scene. The box also features the new Vortex slogan "bend the rules of battle". Stating you can ricochet discs off of walls and floors etc. It seems like Hasbro is trying to market the blasters as an alternative to dart blasters. No longer does the box art or blaster design seem like it belongs in an alien armoury.

Here you can see just how big the Revonix's box is, compared to a Rapidstrike, it's not small. The discs sport a new colour scheme as well. Red plastic centre with white foam ring (really though, how long will it stay white?).

Out of the box, the Revonix is in condom...

... but Nerf do this for many other blasters as well.

I'm really interested in seeing what Hasbro does with the rest of the Vortex line, it seems as though they've changed tact and are no longer promoting it as a futuristic/alien based blaster technology.

The Revonix is wide too...
... the disc barrel seem to use the same clockwork as the Pyragon's drum, but mounted laterally instead of vertically. The internals of the Revonix will be interesting to see.

The new colour of the XLR discs...
... Basic Nerf points out that the red is more "pinky" than the discs that came with the Pyragon.

Unlike other vortex blasters, this one has a jam door, however it doesn't seem to open too wide, but as mentioned in the video, it's most likely for safety. Being able to reload on the fly, 30 disc capacity, slam fire. This disc spammer has some want going for it. Can't wait to get my hands on one

~ Rob

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