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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Zombie Strike confirmed for Australia?

Random Shadow 09 found this on Baidu and it looks promising for Australia.

It's a Hammershot with a grey trigger.

Pic after jump.

What's interesting about this picture is the darts. They're not the lime-green ZS darts that we've been seeing in the leaked box art pics... they're Elite darts.

I'm pretty sure China also has grey triggers though. Many Nerf blasters advertised on Taobao have the "grey machine" item description and a grey trigger in the photos.

I keep an eye on Taobao, I give it a browse daily for the Centurion and any Zombistrike blasters. The Rapidstrike CS-18 has been up there for some time now but there is a 30 day shipping time.

I really HATE that grey trigger for two reasons:
1. it's ugly, orange looks better
2. it means the blaster has been watered down to comply with nanny-state regulations

But Amazon and eBay is here to help.

~ Rob

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