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Friday, 12 July 2013

Zombie Strike Line-up revealed (unofficially)

Pics have emerged revealing the Zombiestrike line-up for 2014. We all know the Hammershot and the Sledgefire...

But we didn't know that the Zombiestrike line included some Vortex blasters too...


A single-shot Vortex blaster with storage for 5 XLR discs. Note the ring-pull on the back, this most likely loads like the Proton. The tactical rail on this blaster is clear too.


Looks like a combination of Elite Firestrike and Scout. See the tactical rail on the bottom?


It's a sword with a lazy name.


Similar to the Fusefire, but with storage for only 3 XLR discs and a slide for priming.


Single shot Vortex blaster with no additional disc storage.


It's a crossbow, but the design tells me that it wasn't originally meant for the Zombistrike line.

Somethings I've noticed about these. There are three Zombiestrike Vortex blasters, but only one has "Vortex" written on it. The Crossfire and the Slidestrike have the "Elite" badge on them, while the Sledgefire and the Hammershot do not. It's possible that these were taken from other lines and added to the Zombiestrike line. The Sledgefire and the Hammershot have a steam-punk look to them but the rest don't follow suit.

I'm not too sure if I like all of the green though, did Nerf learn nothing from the N-Strike Rayven and the original Vortex line-up? But, With Zombistrike's primary colour being green now, it would explain the colour change for the older vortex blasters. Thanks to i09 for the pics!

No Aussie prices yet but we can expect to pay more than what they do in USA.

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