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Friday, 19 July 2013

Zombie Strike Machete.. IT'S ALIVE!!! Oh and a Zombie Strike Jolt too.

Anime Toy bloggers Atamaii have given us a look into the San Diego Comi-Con where Hasbro had the Nerf Zombie Strike line on display.

Pics after jump

In a locked display case we see all of the blasters (and blade) we know and some we didn't. The first thing you'll notice that's different is a Zombie Strike Jolt with extra dart storage.

Then there is the Zombie Strike Machete!!! (I told you this was a good idea).

Here is Nerf's version...

... and here's mine from this article...

Did I invoke a new Nerf product or was it intended from the get go? There are design similarities (cerated rear edge, curved bulge at the top of the blade).

Anyway there are also Z Bombz that look pretty useless (one of them looks like a circular saw)...

I'm still not impressed with the newer ZS blasters, they still look like resurrected design rejects from other lines. Why the crossbow was rejected I will never know, it looks eleventy bajillion times better like this...
... than this...

Don't expect any of this stuff here soon. And don't expect it in Australia with an orange trigger... fail. I'd probably get the machete with the Hammershot and Sledgefire, but N-Force blade weapons are hard to find down here. Well. eBay here I come!

~ Rob

*Thanks to Urban Taggers for the info*

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