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Monday, 22 July 2013

Zombie Strike Sledgefire internals

Just in case you haven't seen these photos everywhere else. Here is a review and some photos of the internals of the ZS Sledgefire (say "Sledgefire" in your best movie trailer voice, sounds good doesn't it?).

It looks like the engineers at Hasbro are getting smarter and using a shorter length but wider diameter plunger. This is how the Hammershot can reach that 75 foot mark.

The review is very technical (as you'd expect coming from the Germans). The blaster loads like a Barrel Break and is primed when the the blaster is opened for reloading like the Buzz Bee Double Shot. The hammer on the back is to release the lock that holds the barrel in place... this I like.

The shoulder stock can come off too (once the blaster is taken apart) and I actually think it would look really good sans shoulder stock and assembled with a good paint job. It would look similar to a blunderbuss from Looper. This too I Like.

When reloading the blaster, the shells pop out about 10mm but don't eject completely like the Buzz Bee Double Shot or Rapid Fire Tek... there is a lot about this blaster I like.

It fires three darts at once but there is no "Multishot Madness" logo to be found anywhere on the box like you'd find on the Vortex Diatron for the Elite Roughcut 2X4.

An indoor firing test reveals a 50 foot flat range test.


The stock spring looks fairly beefy. And the diameter of the plunger is noticeably larger. It also appears to have the same type of rapid-air-release as the Strongarm as well

No mention of whether extra shells will be available for purchase (I'm hoping so). I hope accessory manufacturers (like SlyDev make a tactical accessory that can hold the three shells so we can use the blaster sans shoulder stock.

The bright blue we've seen in the older photos has made way for a darker shade and I have to say it's growing on me... like a fungus.... but less itchy.

All I can say now is GIMME GIMME GIMME!



  1. oh how complicated it would be to make this into a masterey, especialy with the spring and trigger mechanisms

    1. because of the way it loads, I dunno if it's the best masterkey candidate.

    2. so how was the info i showed you (about the post by MLD with these photos)

  2. Mac, i got one just for that purpose... and it seems you have to have the whole grip on the weapon, cus that is where the plunnger compresses to...


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