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Monday, 15 July 2013

Zombiestrike, there is still time to fix it!

So now that we've had time to vent our disappointment at the revealed 2014 Zombiestrike blasters and blade, I though I'd take a moment to think about the Zombiestrike line logically for a moment.

The first thing we need to consider is that these blasters have not been officially announced by Hasbro yet (I think, they still deny ZS is even a thing yet). But even if they are (officially announced), these are 2014 blasters (and blade). There is still time for Hasbro to gauge the feed back and make changes to the aesthetic design, yes, I'm implying that these leaks were intended.

Hasbro has to know how we all feel about the 2014 ZS blasters and can't ignore our feedback, that would be damaging to the ZS brand. Because right now, I'll only be getting the Hammershot and the Sledgefire, the other blasters just don't do it for me. Granted younger Nerfers (8-12) will probably love it regardless because it has "zombie" in the name. But there are many many, adult Nerfers that feel like the hole Zombietrike line is an exercise in re-cooping money spent on RnD on some rejected blaster designs.

Think about it, Hasbro "leak" the photos of the 2014 blasters (and blade), read all the blogs and Facebook comments and make changes to the design based on the feedback and then we get the blasters we want. We're happy, and Hasbro have a product that they know will sell... it's win win.

This is not a new tactic, it's used often (whether intentionally or not), let's not forget about Microsoft and the X-Box One 180 degree turn on some for unfavourable features (that where actually requirements). And when Sony announced the PS4 (not the E3 conference), they said nothing about second-hand game restrictions, all we heard were "rumours". Instead they left it open to discussion on the internet and when E3 came around, gamers got exactly what they wanted from the PS4.

Looking at some of my recolourings (I know that's not a word by the way) of some of the Zombiestrike blasters (I can't take credit for the Crossfire crossbow), look better in their "original" colour schemes. The Sidestrike is a bit meh, but the Fusefire looks fairly good and the Crossfire Bow in Elite livery (by Matt Robinson and retouched by Tactical Tag) looks very pretty indeed. If we're lucky Hasbro's marketing division/company is reading the comments online, perhaps even this one, and has the design department working on concepts for redesigned ZS blasters right now. This might push back release dates but I'm willing to wait if the end result is a post-apoc/steampunk line of blasters.

We can only hope.

~ Rob.

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  1. Agreed. The local target is still sold out of the Hammershot and most Rebelle blasters (I wanted to get the Sweet Revenge, as I prefer its sleek form, compared with the Hammershot's), which I believe is because of "zombie" in the title (and most young kids wanting to emulate Rick Grimes). The other ZS blasters look very disappointing to me, as do the swords; aesthetically, I prefer your design for the machete (using a kukri blade). I digress; happy New Year, all the best to you and your family, and I'm looking forward to more this year!


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