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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Adventure Builders Spider Tank Kickstarter (this is awesome!)

I love good inventions. I love the notion that someone's idea, a thought, a spark of brilliance has been made into something you can hold. Tek Recon is a perfect example of this, but now there is another! The Spider Tank.

This is an educational toy in the very sense of the term. It's a 6 legged robot you build yourself. It comes with armour that you can shoot off (and paint in your own colours) a turret mounted gun that can fire discs or Nerf darts or ping-pong balls (depending on how much you want to spend) and sensors that can detect hits. It's Kickstarter site is located here.

The Deluxe kit gives you the disc launcher and ping-pong ball shooter in addition to the Basic kit. The best part is, the weapons can be changed in seconds. But what I want to see is a robo arm with a claw on the end :) Or maybe an MP3 player so I can crank up some death metal for some psychological warfare... no? Ok then. But the robot arm idea is cool.

The Basic kit comes with a Robot, Armour, Explodo Armour, Dart Blaster, Blaster Elevator, Cockpit targets and Awesomeness.

It comes in kit form, what is cooler than building your own robot!? There is a lot of potential for this, I'm already thinking of extra bits I can glue onto the armour to personalise the looks to my tastes. Not to mention the paint job I'd give it too :)

This is a kit form of the award winning Attacknid toy robots, but, this particular version won't be available in stores. There is a mini cockpit for the driver and there is a sensor attached to it. The robot will back-step when hit in the cockpit and if it gets hit 3 times the robot will turn off (not permanently). How cool is that? Jamie (the robot's creator) is trying to dispel the stereotype that educational toys are boring, and I think he's off to a good start. I can already see this thing expanding into something big. If this takes off, I foresee a USB port and software development tools so you can write your own programmes for it. Cameras, motion sensors... it's a gadget geek's dream!

The amour that can be shot off is called "Explodo Armour" and is a nice feature to have when two of these are duelling, TO THE DEATH!!! Ok, maybe not to the death, but, think of two of these battling in your house, it'll be like Mech Warrior in your living room. But it gets BETTER! These things are made to be hacked! When asked if these were hackable Jamie replied:

"Hi, this thing is made for hacking! That was a major consideration I had in mind when designing it. There are 2 ports specifically for over riding the existing electronics with another micro controller. I'm pestering the electronics guys right now to get the specs on that.
Also, the accessories are easy to remove, leaving a couple standard plugs that deliver power that is controlled by the controller. I plan to show how to make some custom accessories, and am excited to see others build custom accessories of their own!"

And on that note, a trimmed down Rapidstrike CS-18 mounted onto one of these... maybe not, but fun to think about.

As a lover of gadgets, I can't wait to get my hands on one of these. I'd really like to see this come to fruition. It's a Nerf blasting robot that you can paint in your own colours!!! What's not to like! So please contribute what you can to get this off the ground!

~ Rob

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