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Friday, 9 August 2013

Grey Trigger Rapidstrike pics (and pics of other stuff)

Ok so we've all seen the pics of the grey triggered Hammershot, well in my venturings on the internerf, I've found some other grey triggered blasters, not yet released in Australia.

We've known that grey trigger versions of blasters have been available on Taobao for some time now. But finding a picture of one was another story. However, after scanning many poorly Google translated Baidu search result pages, I was able to find some. Firstly, the one we've seen before. The Hammershot.

Now, for something most probably haven't seen before, the Stryfe... yes. A Stryfe with a grey trigger. This doesn't necessarily mean that it's the Aussie version. Other markets get the grey trigger too. While other regions get detuned blasters but keep the orange trigger (can we get those please). If you've read my article "Australia, in no Stryfe at all", you'll know that I'm tired of waiting for the Stryfe to appear in Aussieland. I recently learned that USA just got the Stockade but we've had it for months, so, where's our Stryfe?

Lastly, I have a grey triggered Rapidstrike CS-18. I don't understand why Australia can't have orange triggers. They just look better. I can accept Australia's strict toy safety regulations but can we have detuned blasters with an orange trigger please?

Going by some of the loosely translated comments on some of these pics, the grey trigger blasters aren't too popular in China either. Which is probably why it took so long for a pic of the grey trigger ("grey machine") Rapidstrike and Stryfe to emerge, no-one bought one.

On average the Elite blasters will get about a 15 metre range down here (50 feet), while the USA versions will clock up 22 metres (75 feet). A seven metre difference... that's a lot. And because Nerf RRPs (Recommended Retail Prices) are so expensive down here, you could just order a fully powered one from and pay to import it into Australia, and (depending on the blaster) it'll end up costing a few dollars fewer than or about the same as, Aussie RRP. The best time for buying Nerf at stores in Australia is during the mid year sales, I picked up a Retaliator, Roughcut, Pyragon and Diatron for about $90!

If you're a modder then the restricted blasters probably won't bother you too much, OMW (Orange Mod Works) are here to help. It's just that ugly grey trigger that gets to me.



  1. The Stryfe and the Hammer Shot with the grey trigger may look alright. But on the Rapid-Strike, it just looks odd for some reason.

    1. I just don't like the grey trigger. At all ever

  2. I think these are in the bonus packages,rapid strike had another clear clip and stryfe had extra 12 darts


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