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Monday, 19 August 2013


Mention "Nerf Modder" and names like Bobololo, Coop and Lord Draconical come to mind. But, there are several more out there and some of them are very good at what they do but aren't as popular as the "established" modders. One of which is Jay Nerf. His honest, genuine, informative and unbiased videos are the reason I regard him on par with the likes of the established modders. So I took the time to chat with him and ask him a few questions.

ME: Well firstly I like to thank you for agreeing to the interview, it's much appreciated

Jay: Not a problem! Thank you for taking the time to interview me.

Me: First question. How long have you been a Nerfer?

Jay: I really got in to it about a year ago, when I found out that my college had a Nerf club.

Me: Before that? Did you play with them as a child, or did you buy them as an adult to shoot friends with?

Jay: Well, as a kid my parents were pretty strict about the whole "toy gun" thing. They didn't really want me having that stuff, so it wasn't until I was older that I started getting Nerf guns. I think first blaster was a Maverick. Myself and a few of my friends were at a Wal-Mart or something, and we all got one. We immediately came home and took them apart, with intent to remove the air restrictors. That was actually my first modding experience, though I barely realized it at the time.

Me: And which blaster was it that got you hooked on Nerf? The Maverick?

Jay: I don't think it was the Maverick, I'd be more inclined to say it was the Alpha Trooper. That thing was my primary for a while!

Me: For many it's the only primary they'll use.

Jay: I understand why! It's a fantastic and versatile blaster!

Me: I prefer the Rampage myself, the side loading barrel doesn't bother me as much as others & the vertical fore-grip suits my large hands, & it has an OMW 5kg spring in it :D Anyway, about you

Jay: hahaha I have to give it to the Rampage and Raider, their rate of fire is pretty impressive.

Me: Indeed. So what is it about modding blasters that you enjoy? The tinkering or improving performance for that extra edge in a war?

Jay: Ever since I was little, I loved tinkering with stuff. I've always been able to hyper concentrate when it's something I really like, so modifying came pretty naturally to me. It's also really nice to have that edge over the competition during wars

Me: Same for me on both accounts. Of all the blasters you've modded, which is the one your most proud of & why?

Jay: Ooh, that's a tough one!

Me: In your videos, you mention your Immortal a fair bit

Jay: I have to say, my two Longshots are probably the blasters I'm most proud of. The Immortal and The Genesis. They were my first attempts at integrations, and they were before I had a dremel, so I had to use a handsaw. I put a ton of work into both of them and while the Genesis has gotten pretty beat up, the Immortal has held up pretty darn well. So I'm quite proud of the longevity of my mods.

Me: Genisis has the brass breech doesn't it?

Jay: It used to. It now has the Remedy Metal sealed breech in it. I am considering attempting another brass breech though, now that I know what I'm doing. hahaha

Me: And how are you finding the RM kit?

Jay: I love it! Paired with a 10 Kg Orange Mod Works spring, it's ridiculously powerful!

Me: No plastic fatigue anywhere?

Jay: I'm seeing a tiny bit near the top of the bolt sled, but other than that, it's holding up well. I've found that Lock-Tite metal epoxy works very well to strengthen the bolt sled.

Me: Of all your blasters, which one do you not want to sell?

Jay: Probably my Immortal, Genesis or Retaliator. I don't think I could narrow it down to just one.

Me: Outside of Nerf, what interests do you have? when you record from your parent's house we can see some drums in the background.

Jay: Yeah hahaha, There are instruments everywhere in my house. But that was pretty much left over from my attempt at having a band in high school. That didn't go to far, but sometimes I go down there and mess around on it. outside of Nerf, I play electric bass in a band at college. I've also become pretty interested in photography and have attempted to apply it to one of my other hobbies: BMX. I've been riding BMX for about four years or so now, and I would be much better except I broke my neck back in 2009 and that set me back for a while.

Me: Ouch. And you look fairly buff too in the videos. Gym?

Jay: Yes sir, I try to stay in shape.

Me: I'm in shape too, a round one

Jay: hahahaha It's all good though!

Me: What excites you about new blasters? Their mod potential?

Jay: Yes, definitely! I love being able to take stuff apart to see what can be done to it.

Me: On that note, the Mega Centurion, what went through your mind when you learnt it has a reverse plunger?

Jay: Disappointment. I was really bummed, not only that it was reverse, but that it had those giant slots cut into the plunger tube. It was barely using any of the air pressure it had avaliable and it just seemed like a huge waste to me. If you're going to give it a barrel that's not detachable, at least give it some more power to compensate for the drag.

Me: Agreed. Random Shadow's range test was less than impressive for a blaster of that size

Jay: Apparently it's also really hard to get into the various parts of the breech and plunger area. I would want to try and mod one, but I don't want to spend the money for it just yet. I'll bide my time when it comes to that blaster. The plunger tube looks big, there's definitely a lot of potential air volume to be used, it's really just a matter of plugging those air release slots and removing any air restrictors.

Me: Keen on seeing what OMW comes out with for it?

Jay: I'm expecting at least, an upgrade spring. I'd be surprised if they came out with anything more than that.

Me: And the thought of loading a clip without priming the blaster, like it?

Jay: I tend to do that a lot with my blasters anyways hahaha, especially with my retaliator and my Genesis, it's pretty easy to slam a clip in there with the breech closed.

Me: Yeah it is, but I'm always afraid I'll break something. So, any special mods you're working on now or is it all school school school?

Jay: This summer has mostly been dedicated to paint jobs, I've been trying to improve my methods. My most recent paint job was my Retaliator, which I'm really proud of.

Me: Thoughts on Rebelle & Zombiestrike?

Jay: I think the Rebelle line looks pretty neat, and I'm glad that Nerf has started trying to appeal to the female gender. I think it's about time they did that. My Nerf club has a pretty large female demographic but I know it's not the case in most places, so to try and get girls interested is a step in the right direction, I think. The Zombiestrike line is interesting, I really want to get my hands on the Hammershot, and I'm curious to see some of the other blasters in action. The Sledgefire doesn't seem too useful to me, so I don't think I'll be getting that. I do think it's cool that Nerf has taken notice of the huge movement that is HvZ, and has decided to appeal to that demographic.

Me: Of the Rebelle blasters, which one would you buy, And why?

Jay: Probably the Guardian Crossbow, because it looks pretty useful, as well as looking pretty fun to try and paint.

Me: What is the strangest place you've found a lost dart?

Jay: In my old dorm room, me and my roommate would get into Nerf wars all the time, and one streamline actually ended up wedged between the sliding door to my closet and the wall. It was such a perfect shot that we decided to leave it there after we moved out.


Jay: Unless someone took it down, it's probably still there lol

Me: Last question.

Jay: Fire away

Me: What do you love most about the Nerf community (be it clubs, NIC or HvZ), what is it that makes you come back & do you see yourself stopping anytime soon?

Jay: I'm always amazed at the sheer amount of information, and the drive with which people compile that information. It's one of the things I really love about the NIC. The community is very supportive, especially on Youtube, and I couldn't be happier with people's reactions to my videos (for the most part. There's an occasional troll, but that's life). I don't know what the future holds, but if I can continue past college, I will try my hardest to!

Me: I can imagine how hard it must be to balance hobbies, personal life & education/study. Well Jay, it's been a pleasure chatting with you, once again, thanks for taking the time to speak with me today (tonight for you). I wish you the best of luck with your studies.

Jay: Thank you very much for wanting to interview me!

Me: Don't mention it mate.

I strongly recommend you check out Jay's YouTube channel by clicking HERE and don't forget to subscribe too. I'm sure you'll enjoy his videos as much as I do.

~ Rob


  1. Love the IV man, Jay is an awesome modder and deserves more coverage! I'm a massive fan and I hope you keep up the awesome work :D Rock on bother!

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