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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

MEGA Centurion, the aftermath

Us Aussie Nerfers are at a bit of a disadvantage. We're usually the last to get new blasters (still no Elite Rayven here) and when we do get them they've been castrated by the needlessly strict Australian Toy Safety Regulations. Having said that though, I must commend Hasbro for bringing the Rapidstrike and Centurion over here so quickly. And Now that I've had some time with the Centurion, I though I'd share my experiences with it.

First impressions of the Centurion were good (for me anyway). Big, red, manly blaster with big, red, manly darts. What's not to love? Loading the clip (actually a magazine but Hasbro call them clips) without needing to prime the blaster is nice, the bipod is a nice touch too.

Then on my day off and with the house to myself, I started playing sniper and shot my daughter's fluffy animal toys from the other side of the house. To be honest it was a lot of fun and could be easily made into a party game. Then it happened, one of the darts spun out of control, and when I picked it up, I found this...

It looks as though the breech caught the dart as it was closing.

Ok so, that's fixable. Some super glue and it'll almost be as good as new, then I had a misfire... twice in the same clip. Not entirely sure what caused it to happen, but I've never experienced a misfire before with any other blaster. I assumed that it would've had something to do with the vents in the side of the plunger tube, but, all the other darts fired nicely. So it still puzzles me as to how/why it happened.

Then I propped the blaster on a table to try out the bipod to find that it collapses as soon as you moved the blaster around, like you would as if you were aiming at something. On a smooth shiny surface it's ok, but, on something that provides more friction you're doomed.

Then I set out to see what kind of ROF (Rate Of Fire) I can get out of it. Not too bad here, 2 rounds per second, but, (being a righty) my right arm got tired from keeping the blaster level, and while you could use the priming hand to aide the trigger hand in keeping the blaster level, I'm not sure if that will be too good (in the long run) for the complicated internals. It might cause warping and accelerated wear and tear. And the prime travel, initially I wasn't too bothered buy it. The prime itself is easy enough, but, the length of the prime is more than three times that of the Longshot. And after a while this blaster becomes tedious and a nuisance to prime.

And after reloading a few times, the size of the MEGA clip started to annoy me. I'm 178cm (5ft 10in) but I have gorilla hands, and for me removing the clip with one hand is not a problem, but, for someone with small hands (like a child, as this is, at the end of the day, a toy), it would be a two handed task. Lets all says it now "Don't shoot me, I'm reloading". The blaster is too big to be practical in a Nerf war or HVZ game and in Australia, you can get the same range out of any other Elite blaster so you can't really be the Nerf sniper you wanted to be. Imagine, you have this large intimidating weapon and you're picked off by a Firestrike... "HUMULIATION!"

Now, the mechanics. Being a reverse plunger blaster, you can't call this the successor to the Longshot, Longstrike maybe. And the Longstrike was never really good. Now onto the plunger itself, it's reversed, now, I still maintain that there had to be a good reason as to why Nerf chose to use a reverse type plunger. But those vents in the tube puzzle me, why are they there? Is it because, the vented part of the tube isn't actually meant to compress air and is only meant guide the plunger to the compression zone? Is it because the blaster was deemed too unsafe by authorities and Hasbro needed a quick fix to make it safer? And the gearing inside the blaster. It handles the stock spring just fine, but, supposing OMW releases an upgraded spring and the gears can't handle it and start to strip teeth? I've got a few spare springs lying around and unsure as to what might happen if I do beef-up the spring.

The dart feeding mechanism is ok, it works. Originally I had no complaints and then it sliced up my dart :( I've noticed this in the breech too...

I don't know why this "V" is here, other clip fed blasters do fine without one. Upon inspection, I found it to be rounded inside the chamber, but, the outer edge is sharp. Well, sharp enough to shred darts like this...

...if something was pushing the darts into it... like say, a clip spring? None of my darts have been mutilated like this yet (they probably will now since I've said that), but I think it was the "sharp V" in the breech that sliced into one of my MEGA darts. It's nothing some time and sandpaper can't fix I guess, but it's a problem that didn't need to exist in the first place. I've also noticed that there are several "half-prime" locks as well. I counted 3, these are annoying enough if in other blasters and they have just one.

I've also noticed that the dart about to be chambered (at the top of the clip) is about 1mm higher than the chamber it self. When the breech closes, the dart does find it's way into the chamber, but, prime too fast and there will be issues. How I didn't destroy all of my MEGA darts when doing my ROF test I don't know.

The centurion is an incredibly flawed blaster and yet, I still like it (and I have absolutely NO idea why, maybe pity). I wanted the rumors to be just that. But it looks as though everything the internet has told us is true. It'll be interesting to see what Orange Mod Works, Xplorer, and Dart Blaster come up with for the Centurion. There is also a lot of real estate inside the shell for home made mods too.

~ Rob


  1. Great article man, so the plot thickens eh? I wonder if Nerf are aware of this? You fired anything over to the Hasbro Aus folks?

    1. I might, but, I don't want to be the one telling them how to do their job. Because I know that will annoy them.

  2. Don't know if this is old news but i spoted stryfes for$25 at australia fair and i also saw the centurion at target pacific fair gold coast for $79.95. Also thank you for the awesome post and intel on what to be mindful of when useing a centurion.

  3. Is it stil legal to buy a non castrated centurion over the internet. if so what online stores that can sell them to oz? I tried amazon. they dont ship blasters to melbourne:(

    1. I've imported 3 blasters from USA and 1 from Singapore without any issues.

    2. From what site?? I am interested getting a non castrated centurion and hammershot


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