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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Nerf and the Nerf logo are used with permission....

If you watch Random Shadow's range test of the Zombiestrike Machete and Griffin Mods' review of the Z Bombz, you'd know then that those products have been produced under license by a third party manufacturer, not Hasbro. This got some people's attention, but, these are not the first Nerf branded goods to be made under license.

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The company making Nerf branded products is Perpetual Play. Mostly it's foam based toys at the moment. Perpetual Play also make other toys too, like the Flube (flying tube)... don't Google "Flube" without safe search turned on... YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!

Since last year, Perpetual Play have been making Super Soaker products under the Nerf brand, many of them not too dissimilar from the Z Bombz...

The Soaker Burst is basically a sponge covered with a thin vinyl coating with holes in it so it can soak up some water, then release it on impact. Umm, that sounds like it might hurt actually, if thrown hard enough.

Then the Soaker Bolt, it's the same as a Soaker Burst but it has a stabilising tail on it, this means you can hurt people with greater accuracy.

The Super Soaker Battle Shield might actually be useful in a Super Soaker war... if they exist. But... $20 for an inflatable pillow and a sponge foam football? Pass thanks.

Now the Pool Splash Mat I am actually considering getting. It was $4 at the time of me writing this article and is not bad value. You get three targets and a Soaker Burst. I own a pool and can see my kids playing with this. But I can understand why it has been so heavily reduced... how many people own a pool? And of those who do, how many would buy this?

Lastly the Soaker Dart. This is very similar to the Flube, a little shorter though. This is made of dense foam and can't soak up much (if any) water, but if it did, the weight of the water would weigh it down. The Target where I took all these pics had a lot of these and they weren't selling. Probably because they're $10 each. $10 for a shortened pool noodle with fins, pass.

Then I recently discovered this...

From what I'm able to gather. It's a drum with 11 targets in it that you can shoot out. Also included are a Barricade and a Maverick. This is a Japanese exclusive and and was produced by Takara Tomy (usually just called Tomy). They are more famous for the Pla Rail line of toy trains.

I really would like to see if Hasbro gives licences to a company that produces a new blaster, it'd be interesting to see what design philosophy they employ. But, I get the feeling that Hasbro want to make the blasters for the time being and will leave the non-blaster Nerf stuff to the license holders.

~ Rob

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