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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Nerf Elite Rampage mod guide

The Elite Rampage is my favourite blaster. The Elite Alpha Trooper gets a lot of attention but I feel that too much focus is given to it really. I understand that it's a good performer in a compact form factor, but, it and the Elite Rampage are effectively the same blaster.

In this guide I'll take you through the following:
- AR removal
- plunger padding
- half prime lock removal
- spring replacement (OMW 5kg spring)
- teflon taping the O-ring seating
- relubing the plunger tube

Firstly, you'll need to take the blaster apart. Unscrew the end cap (the bit shoulder stocks attach to) and the fore grip and remove them.

Then unscrew the main blaster body, all the screws are the same size so you needn't worry about the exact position of all the screws. Now gently pry the blaster apart. When doing this, make sure the screws and the tactical rail lock don't launch across the room into the gaping void beneath your sofa.

Take out the trigger and leave it's spring attached to it. Then take out the Barrel, the main spring and the plunger assembly.

The bolt sled should just slide out of the plunger assembly. Now, using a large flat head screw driver or a metal pipe (sharpened at one end), very gently tap out the air restrictor in the chamber.

Now, that annoying half prime lock. This is the reason you can't push the fore grip forward once it has reached halfway, which can be a real pain if there is a dart jam. All you need to do is (using a Dremel or a craft knife) remove the tooth that used to be on the bolt. Its location is circled in the photo.

Now onto the plunger. Without the AR, the plunger is going to hit the end of the tube hard. With the stock spring, this is not much of an issue, but with a 5kg spring it might cause damage over time. But because of the way the plunger assembly is designed, you can't just cover the plunger head with foam. If you did, the breech wouldn't open far enough to allow a dart into the chamber. You'll need to pad the plunger like this...

Firstly, take off the O-ring and wash the plunger in warm soapy water. Then dry thoroughly. Use some sandpaper to rough up the front surface of the plunger's head to allow the hot glue to adhere better. Glue on the foam padding.

Wrap two or three layers of teflon tape over where the O-ring sits. Then Put the O-ring back on, now using a craft knife, carefully cut off any excess teflon tape that may be in the trigger catch trap (the part of the plunger, just below the O-ring, where the trigger catch catches). Now lubricate the plunger and the plunger tube with silicone grease, teflon grease or lithium grease. Don't use petroleum based lubricants as these can erode the rubber O-ring.

Now the last thing we do is replace the spring. Then put the blaster back together


~ Rob

(I am not responsible for you destroying your blaster or getting injured while you're modifying your blaster, mod at your own risk)

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