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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Nerf Elite Stryfe review

A popular modification with the Barricade was the clip-feed mod where you'd modify the Barricade to take a clip, making it a clip fed blaster. It would seem as though it got Nerf's attention.

Out of the box, the Stryfe feels like a Barricade/Stockade. It's more narrow due to the fact that it is a clip-fed blaster and the trigger squeeze is nice and smooth. The rev-up trigger feels more direct when compared to the rev-up trigger for the Rayven. What I mean is, the Rayven's rev-up trigger was spongey but the Stryfe's, halfway down it clicks and then the flywheels spool up.

The Stryfe will work with Nerf shoulder stocks and barrel extensions and there is a tac rail on the top and underneath the barrel.

As always, the plastic is rigid and high quality. A special note too, the white stripe on the Stryfe seems to be much better applied than other Elite blasters. It almost feels as though it was moulded out white plastic (it not though).

The handle is comfy but the way it's designed it feels as though my pinky and ring finger are doing all the work to hold this blaster. This does make my fingers tired after some time, especially with a blaster that is front heavy.

The Stryfe comes with a six dart clip, which isn't very much really, you could use a twelve or eighteen dart clip, but this makes the blaster even more unbalanced.

It easily attains the 75 feet Elite range and the flywheels are nice and quiet. This is a nice blaster that seems to have the same design philosophy as the Rapidstrike CS18. The strap anchor points are on static parts of the blaster that don't move which is a good thing too.

1. semi auto
2. clip fed
3. quiet

1. only comes with 6 dart clip
2. unbalanced when used with higher capacity clips
3. needs fuller sized handle

~ Rob.


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