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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Nerf Mega Samaritan design concept

"I'm not a very good shot, but the Samaritan here, has very big bullets."

Pics after jump.

Since the Mega line, I've been wanting to do a Mega based design concept. Problem was, other than a high powered "rifle", there's not a lot of applications for the Mega darts. So that got me thinking... Hollywood!

In movies we've seen many a custom made hero/villain gun and the best hero guns in movies that I've seen are Robocop's custom 9mm Beretta and Hellboy's "Samaritan". Well, as this is a Mega blaster, it had to be the Samaritan.

Creating the blaster is one thing, making it look as though it would actually work is another! I had to think really hard about how this blaster would actually work in real life while keeping the aesthetics of the Samaritan. The only way I could think of incorporating a plunger into this design is if it was built into the hand like a Jolt or Triad. The hammer on the back is the lock that holds the blaster closed. Pull down the hammer and the blaster flips open (spring loaded). The Samaritan can only hold 4 rounds.

I've had to redesign the handle and the trigger guard to fit in with the EX type blaster design. As a fan of Hellboy, I really wanted to do the Samaritan justice and I think I have. Enjoy!

And so now I leave the next idea for a design concept up to you, leave a comment below describing what type of blaster you want to see, and I'll pick the most original idea or the one that would look the most awesome. Have a look at my other design concepts as well so you don't suggest something that has already been done :)

~ Rob


  1. Yes, Yes, Yes! That does look really sweet. NERF Should get your design and do an actual blaster of it!

  2. This my work so far of the vash the stampede's revolver

  3. [Alex] THAT IS GLORIOUS!!! D:

  4. looks great!!!! i also loved the zombie roughcut design

  5. Absolutely amazing ... I want one!

  6. I really want one love revolvers

  7. Coolest thing ever in MEGA!! Tell me what you think of my idea please?

    Nerf MEGA BlazeFire MEBF-200
    8 barrel minigun
    100 foot range
    500 rpm ROF
    Rechargeable lithium ion battery pack
    *All minigun barrels actually fire, unlike that bogus AirZone crap, the punisher.
    200 round MEGA BELT

    1. It won't work. If the barrels are spinning, then the dart will hit the insides of them, therefore stopping/slowing the darts...


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