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Friday, 30 August 2013

OPEN MIC NIGHT: What would be the Overly Manly Man's blaster of choice and why?

He's the man that all other men aspire to be. He's the Overly Manly Man. If he were to compete in a Nerf war or HVZ game, what would be his blaster of choice and why?

The Overly Manly Man is an internet icon of masculinity. His claims to fame are:

- killing a bear with his mustache
- being born with a mustache
- using Tobasco as eye drops
- installing Lego carpet in his house
- ridding his body of feminine colours... all of them
- never needing to shave his chest, because hair doesn't grow on metal
- never using the brakes when driving, because there are only three pedals in a car, clutch, accelerator and wimp
- the only man to beat Chuck Norris in a fight but he vowed it would be the last time he'd hit a woman
- Vietnam War, best overseas trip he's ever had

So, as you can see, the only hormone this man's body produces is testosterone. So, if he was to use a blaster... what would it be and why?

Leave your comments below with what he'd use and why.

~ Rob


  1. I love the Overly Manly Man. Blaster wise, that's a tough one. I feel like the Barrel Break would work, you always see tough guys with a shotgun. Otherwise the Vulcan, essentially a mini gun held by him is Manly-ness overload.

  2. He would duel wield this:

  3. Just you wait and see. I'm building something amazing.


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