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Friday, 16 August 2013

Rebelle and Mega Centurion appear on Mr Toys website!

The Rebelle Heart Breaker bow and the Guardian Crossbow along with the Mega Centurion have appeared on the Mr Toys Toyworld website (Australia)

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This is the first time we've seen these blasters on an Aussie website. The best part is, because Mr Toys over charges slightly the same as Toys R Us (Aust), we Aussies can expect cheaper prices elsewhere... yay!

In this screen shot, you can see the expected release dates. Heartbreaker and Guardian look to be a October 2nd release and the Centurion 4 days later on the 6th.

Firstly the Heartbreaker Bow:

Now, AUD30 for this blaster I would say is maybe $5 too much for what it is really, but, we should see a reasonable price from K Mart or Big W. Expect the normal mark up by Toys R Us (Aust).

Then the Guardian Crossbow:

Again, I'd say AUD5 too much, maybe even $10 for what is effectively a reshelled Strongarm, but, these are Mr Toys Toyworld prices.

And lastly the Mega Centurion:

When the Longshot, Stampede and Vulcan first came out in Australia they too were orbiting the AUD70 mark. But, Big W is now selling brand new Vulcans and the occasional Stampede for AUD50. So I can accept AUD70 for the Centurion for now, but all Aussie Nerfers know... yup. Big W and K mart will have a better price. And with Christmas just 4 months away, it might be worth waiting for the sales :)

As of yet, no mention of any other Rebelle blasters. Nor is there any mention of the Rapidstrike CS-18 or Revonix 360... OR STRYFE!!1!!!!!11!!!one!!!!!1!!

To have a look at Mr Toys complete range of overpriced Nerf, click "HERE".

~ Rob

PS. The ranges on the boxes are the non-restricted ones.


  1. It is entirely possible that they left the range claims off the zombie strike boxes to get the full power version in Australia. Or that they were not as powerful in the first place. I just wish Nerf can listen to the pleas for sledgefire shell refill kit.
    Someone has to tell Nerf about the shell refill issue

    1. It would make sense if they did come out with a Sledgefire refill kit. It' something they can make money from.


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