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Friday, 23 August 2013

REVIEW: Nerf Elite MEGA Centurion

Since the Longshot CS-6, Nerfers have been yearning for another large "sniper rifle" type blaster. Then we got the Longstrike (um, thanks, but can could we get the Longshot back?). Now, three years after the Longstrike and six years after the Longshot, we finaly have the MEGA Centurion.

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On the box, we learn it's red. Whether red is only for the MEGA line or we might see other red Elite blasters is yet to be seen. Out of the box and assembled, the first thing you notice is the sheer size of it, it's HUGE! Or should I say MEGA! With the barrel on it's almost at long as my 7 year old son is tall. The barrel extension slides on and once it is one it cannot be removed unless you plan on taking the blaster apart and I don't. There is also a lock that prevents (or tries to prevent) you from loading a clip without the barrel extension attached. You also get six mega darts (W code for those that care) and six dart mega clip, the priming bolts and a collapsable bipod.

When assembled and loaded, the blaster is not as heavy as you might think. It's sill large and heavy when compared to other blasters, but, it is not as heavy as it looks to be. Take off the bipod and... I don't want to use the word "balanced", I would say it is more balanced than it is with it on. The bipod when compared to the Longshot's and the Stampede's is much better, I would go as far to say that it is the best bipod Nerf have made. I've never been a fan of the previous two. When the bipod legs are dropped, it locks into position fairly well, but move the blaster around too much and it'll collapse. The legs can be raised into a rearward or forward position. On the box the legs are pointing aft, in this position, they obstruct the only logical place (for me anyway) for a supporting hand to hold. Pointing forward however, it frees up the space in front of the clip, which for my arm length is a good spot to hold. But if you don't want it on there you can take it off.

Loading the clip is nice, why? because you don't have to prime the blaster to put it in. With the bolts in the forward position, the breech is open, when you draw back on the bolt (there is about 30cm of travel) the breech closes then locks in place as you return the bolt to the forward position. When you fire, the plunger is released, the dart fires and a spring opens the breech again. Sounds complicated but it's actually complicated. There is much clockwork and gears inside the Centurion to make this work. Despite that, it primes easily, my 3yo daughter can do it. It also has a satisfying recoil too. My only complaint about priming the blaster is the small bolts Nerf have used.

While on the subject of mechanics, Nerf's choice to use an indirect (reverse) plunger puzzles me a little. The vents in the plunger tube is more puzzling. I'm going to play devil's advocate for a moment and say, there must've been a good reason as to why Nerf, went with a reverse plunger design and put vents in it, perhaps the vented part of the tube is not actually meant to compress any air and was intended as a guide for the plunger... maybe. Maybe the only way Nerf could make the complicated mechanics work was with a reverse plunger? I don't know.

There are two tactical rails, on the top of the blaster above the bolts and under the barrel extension used by the bipod. There are four sling attachment points, two just in front of the non-adjustable shoulder stock (top and bottom), and two on the barrel extension (top and bottom). The handle is very comfy and the trigger squeeze and nice and smooth. Removing the MEGA Clip is difficult to do with one hand due to it's size, but doable.

The MEGA darts are... well, they work ok. But despite using W code foam, which is usually fairly firm, they do squish very easily due to the thin wall of the dart's tube. The darts have been the source of many a sob story. People report that the darts can't withstand the same punishment as regular Elites. Just have a look at this photo from Tactical Tag...

And not even my MEGA darts were immune...

I was able to fire 2 darts per second with the Centurion, but my right arm got tired from supporting all the weight on it's own. I will say this though, it's quite accurate.

On the whole, this blaster is very satisfying to fire with the recoil, the prime is easy but long, in fact it's more than three time the length of the prime than that with the Longshot! It's quite accurate, but, that is possible because of the lowered power to conform with Aussie Toy Safety Regulations. I quite like the Centurion for this reason. Imagine this, a night with some mates over, you pull the Centurion out of a cupboard and start taking turns picking off soft drink cans from the other side of the house. I should imagine that would be quite fun. But, I won't be taking it into battle anytime soon.

1. easy to prime
2. looks intimidating
3. it's red
4. good bipod
5. smooth trigger
6. smooth prime
7. comfy trigger
8. can load clip without priming
9. transparent jam door

1. reverse plunger
2. loading mech chews darts
3. dart tube is too thin
4. 30cm prime
5. can't remove barrel extension once attached
6. vents in plunger tube
7. non-adjustable shoulder stock
8. bipod collapses easily when moving blaster (aiming)

Box discrepancies:
1. the blaster on the box has a white opaque jam door
2. the blaster on the box is missing the clip release button
3. the blaster on the box has an opaque clip


  1. wow... mybe those darts would do a bit better if they at least had thicker walls, and maybe a more durable thin layer of solid plastic on the outside... like packaging or mailing tape.

  2. Since the Longshot CS-6, Nerfers have been yearning for another large "sniper rifle" type blaster. Then we got the Longstrike (um, thanks, but ...


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